Austin Smile Makeover

Smile Makeovers / Full Mouth Rejuvenation

Studies show that when you interact with people, your eyes and teeth create a first impression that speaks volumes, long before you even say hello. While that’s certainly true, we are more interested in what your smile is saying to you and the self-confidence it helps to develop.

Your Health is Our First Priority

Our first priority is to help you maintain the health of your teeth, gum tissue, bite, supporting bone and facial muscles. To do this, we offer the finest diagnostic treatment planning, as well as counseling and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your current level of wellness and health. Our second priority is to offer cosmetic enhancements to create beautiful smiles.

What Your Smile Reveals

  1. When you look in a mirror, does your reflection reveal stained, chipped, cracked or uneven teeth?
  2. Is your smile youthful or does it age you beyond your years?
  3. Does it exude confidence or embarrassment?
  4. Does your smile and the health of your teeth and mouth reflect your commitment to a wellness-driven lifestyle?

We are here to help your smile reveal the way you want to look and feel!

Personalizing Your Care

We respect our patients’ choices! We appreciate that not everyone is interested in esthetic changes, and we strive to design a treatment plan around your personal preferences. All of our smile makeovers and full mouth rejuvenations are customized with a combination of treatments

Patients are amazed at what a difference even the simplest procedure can make in their confidence, boosting their self-assurance in both professional and social situations.

Dr. Steinberg welcomes the opportunity to listen to your personal concerns and to assist you in developing and maintaining the beauty, as well as the vitality and youthful appearance, of your smile.