Austin Dental Comprehensive Examination

The Comprehensive Examination

Our goal and obligation is to help our patients achieve their optimal level of dental health. Fulfilling this goal begins with two foundational aspects of our comprehensive examination experience.

Your Warm and Welcoming Consultation

Dr. Steinberg believes that the most vital key to his exam process is found in the comfort of our warm and welcoming consultation room. In this non-threatening environment, we strive to listen and learn about your preferred dental future by understanding your past dental experiences. This pre-clinical conversation lets you empower us to consider your past dental history, dental anxiety, and possible special needs. All of this information helps establish guidelines for successful treatment planning and gives us the opportunity to listen to your desires and expectations relative to the outcomes of what can be achieved with restorative and cosmetic oral procedures.

Meticulously Gathered Clinical Data

The second key is our meticulous gathering of your important clinical data. We begin with taking necessary diagnostic records, which may include individual low-radiation digital imaging and/or panoramic digital imaging. To ensure your safety, we proudly use the finest available dental equipment and technology.

The 21-Point Exam

Next we ask you to ‘open wide’ as Dr. Steinberg begins his “patented” 21-point comprehensive examination. Dr. Steinberg will come to thoroughly understand your clinical dental health in the areas of oral cancer, periodontal disease, occlusion (bite relationship) and premature wear of teeth, temporomandibular (TMJ/TMD) and facial muscle health. With the aid of one of our exceptional dental assistants, Dr. Steinberg will create a charting of all preexisting dental restorations, noting their stability or need for replacement.

Esthetic Opportunities

Your smile is a welcome mat to everyone you meet and speaks volumes about you before you say a word! To help you discover the best presentation your smile will have to others, Dr. Steinberg will work with you and possibly suggest opportunities for esthetic enhancements during the last phase of examination. Together, we will discuss what your smile is saying about you and how cosmetic dentistry, such as bonding and veneers, can create a youthful and confident appearance that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

As always, your participation, questions and dreams help us to personalize your perfect treatment plan!

Dr. Matthew Steinberg Waiting Room